Public service announcement/Karen Severson's book

I was actually going to do an article write up on this on Examiner but decided instead to do just a small update on the case. As you know, the family members for Missy Avila are not happy about the fact that Karen Severson has written a book. The family is trying to have the law changed so that convicted felons are not allowed to use social media or receive monetary gain from their crimes. They are hoping to name the law "Missy's Law." Karen Severson's---Kay Crane's book is posted on the memorial Facebook page. 

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  1. Here in Washington State we have a statute called "The Slayer's Statute" which says: No slayer or abuser shall in any way acquire any property or receive any benefit as the result of the death of the decedent. I'd be surprised if Cali doesn't have something like this.